How To Get Out Most From Food Safety Training


Food hygiene and safety training is important. Effective training provides food handlers with the knowledge and skills to handle food safely. But trained food handlers does not necessarily mean they are competent.  Training is about putting knowledge into practice. There are plenty of food handlers who have successfully completed a course and still do not put what they have learnt into practice. Successful training is about changing existing attitudes and behaviours. The greatest compliment for me as tutor is when a candidate goes back to the workplace and changes something for the better. 


Thinking about what the organisation wants to achieve with food safety training is the first step. It’s important to outline your success criteria for food hygiene and safety training strategy. Training should include theoretical and practical elements. But remembering facts, figure and practices is still not enough. Food handlers need to be motivated to put food safety into practice. They need to understand why food safety is important to them and not just the reason for the company. People learn through social interaction, so group discussions are great way to promote the right attitudes.


Training sometimes fails due to barriers to learning. Always conduct an initial assessment before starting the training process. Discuss any possible barriers to learning, and how they can be overcome. The most common barrier is language in the hospitality industry, but it’s quite a simple one to overcome with a little bit of thought. You can provide a paper dictionary to translate words, send training materials to candidate prior the course, provide a reader to read the examination question, etc. These are easy fixes to help the candidates to achieve success.


Remember a ‘one size fits all’ approach towards training is doomed to failure. People learn in many different ways, so training needs to be inclusive. Make sure your training programme incorporates a diverse range of training approaches and learning styles. Not everyone will learn easily via e-learning. Offer alternatives if necessary, as there are many paths to educational success.


Percipio training offers a meaningful and inclusive learning experience that make a real difference to the way candidates think and behave. We offer a wide range of food safety and hygiene courses at levels 1 to 4. 


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