Is The Food Industry Doing Enough To Protect Workers From Harm?

Large fines for major food companies would suggest that health and safety in food industry is an area of concern. The introduction of new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences has seen major fines for food businesses. A well-known fast food company was fine £1million when two employees were burned by hot gravy carelessly removed from a microwave. The company claimed the employee were trained, but courts decided otherwise. Trained does not always mean employees can carry out tasks safely. Competent employees are less likely to have an accident in the workplace. These workers actually put health and safety awareness into practice. 


The food and drink manufacturing and hospitality sector present range of challenges for employees. Workers are more at risk form slips and trips, and dermatitis than other industries. But help is at hand with excellent sector specific guidance available to read and download at the Health and Safety Executive website. Guidance produced provides an insight into potential hazards and effective control measure. Practical advice on preventing slips and trip and safely emptying deep-fat fryer in a catering environment is particular good.


Training is important in preventing accidents and ill-health in the workplace. We offer a comprehensive range of health and safety courses including: level 2 health and safety in the workplace, level 2 fire safety, and IOSH managing safety.

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