Why Is Food Safety Important?

Food safety is important for moral, legal and financial reasons. Every year over one million people will suffer from food poisoning, twenty thousand will end up in hospital and five hundred will die. The annual financial cost of food poisoning is around £1.5 billion. Negligence, ignorance, poor management and negative or complacent food culture are the main reasons for food poisoning.


Fines for food safety and hygiene offences can be considerable with a pub restaurant chain fined £1.5 million. Prosecution can also lead to a prison sentence. A manager and head chef were jailed for 18 and 12 months respectively for falsifying food temperature records, and restaurant for 6 years for deliberately not declaring peanuts in a curry dish that killed a customer.


A poor food hygiene rating can affect a food businesses reputation and profit.  Consumers questioned in a survey conducted by Checkit revealed 75% would not visit a restaurant where a food safety and hygiene incident has occurred and 61% would not dine at restaurant with a low food hygiene rating.


Learn more about you can protect your customers and your business. Percipio Training offer a wide range of food safety courses. These courses also include Level 2 HACCP for Food Handlers, Level 3 HACCP for Supervisors and Level 4 HACCP Management.

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