Food handlers in a factory
Food handlers in a factory

Leading and Managing a Positive Food Safety Culture

Overview and Benefits

Food safety culture is fast becomming a subject of importance as the food industry recognises food safety management systems in place will not neccessarly protect consumers from harm.The basic definition of a food safety culture is where management and food handlers share the same attitudes, values and practices towards the safety of food. A food safety culture can be positive, poor or complacent.


This comprehensive one day course is aimed at supervisors, managers and anyone else responsible for the management of food safety. It has been designed by subject matter experts to show how a positive food safety culture can be achieved and maintained successfully.


The course content is useful for those interested in the new requirements for 'food safety culture' in BRC version 8. Information will include how to conduct a food safety culture assessment,activities to promote desired behaviours and practices and how to create a strategic plan for success.



Key Topics


  • An introduction to the concept of a food safety culture
  • The relationship between food safety management systems and food safety culture
  • The characteristics of postive, complacent and poor safety cultures
  • The role of leadership and management
  • Strategies to improve food safety culture
  • How to assess a food safety culture


Assessment Method

There is no examination for this course as the learner is continuously assessed during the course by the tutor. 



Option 1: Open Course

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Option 2: In-house

You can save money by booking an in-house course delivered at your premises or chosen venue. The cost is £425,plus £20 per person. Average price per person on a course with 15 candidates is £48, plus VAT. 



14 fFeb 2019




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MIlton Keynes




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We can deliver the Leading and Managing a Positive Food Safety Culture course anywhere in the UK. Locations include London( Acton, Harrow and Wembley), Birmingham, Manchester, Buckinghamshire (High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Marlow and Milton Keynes) Oxfordshire (Banbury, Oxford and Bicester), Bedfordshire (Luton), Northamptonshire (Corby, Wellingborough and Northampton), Warwickshire (Leamington Spa, Warwick and Evesham), Hertfordshire (Watford), Essex (Enfield), Middlesex, Surrey (Farnham and Camberley), Norfolk (Norwich), Lincolnshire (Spalding and Holbech), Suffolk, Dorset and East Sussex. 

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