Why are Leadership and Managment Skills Important?


Effective leadership and management skills are critical if a business wants to maximise its potential to achieve success.  Leadership do the right things by keeping an eye on the horizon, challenging the norm, and creating and maintaining a shared vision for success. They inspire and motivate employees through an emotional connection. Management on the other hand is more concerned with practical aspects by doing things right. They control and direct and control the team and make sure standards are implement and maintained.


Percipio Training can help can support your management team through transformative training approaches.  We offer a wide range of accredited and non-accredited leadership and management courses and workshops.  


Essential Leadership and Management Skills Workshop

This one day workshop provides a new  or existing manager with the key skills and knowledge to individuals and teams more effectively.



Performance Management for Teams and Individuals

This interactive one day course is suitable for new and existing managers. Candidates will learn a wide of techniques to improve team and individual performance.


How to Engage and Motivate Teams and Individuals

This one day course is suitable for new or existing managers. The candidate will gain a better understanding on how to motivate teams and individuals to achieve success.


Change Management for Supervisors and Managers

This one day change management course examines why people resist change and reviews different leadership and management approaches to take employees into a new direction.



Managing Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

This one day course provides knowledge on how to manage equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and covers an overview of the Equality Act 2010.



Writing for Business and Email Etiquette

This one day course provides knowledge on how to write and communicate business information in a clear and concise manner.




Time Management for Individuals and the Team

This one day course provides candidates with the essential skills to manage time efficiently and effectively.




Emotional Intelligence and Managing Difficult Conversations

This practical one day course is suitable for managers, supervisors and anyone else with a responsibility in managing performance and behaviour for teams and individuals.


Practical Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

This one day course is aimed at managers, supervisors and anyone else with a responsibility for solving problems and making decisions.



Leadership and Management Skills for Hospitality Managers


This 6-7 month leadership and management programme is specifically aim at managers working in the hospitality sector. Managers will learn new skills to lead and manage a team more effectively.



Negotiation Skills for Success



This one day comprehensive course equips managers, sales persons and anyone else involved in negotiations with key skills to achieve success.





CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management


Coming Soon!



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