Time Management for Individuals and the Team (1 day)


Overview and Benefits


Time management is about how individuals and the team plan and organise time for specific tasks. Managing time is about how to manage time efficiently and effectively to create a more productive workforce. Failure to manage time in the workplace can result in cost overruns, poor quality, missed deadlines, stressed employees and customer complaints.


This one day course is suitable for managers and supervisors. Candidates will learn how to put into practice common time management techniques. Candidates will learn how identify ‘time robbers’ , create a simple way to plan to manage time for specific tasks, master the art of effective delegation and when to say no.


Course Topics

  • What happens when time is not managed?
  • Time robbers
  • The 4 D’s
  • Planning and prioritising tasks, including the 80/20 rule
  • How to avoid procrastination
  • Minimising time distractions in the workplace
  • The art of effective delegation
  • How to run an effective meeting
  • When and how to say no
  • Common time management mistakes
  • Personal action plan





There is no formal assessment for this course. Candidates are continously assessed through by complete a wide range of engaging activities contextualised to the workplace.






in-house course


The cost to deliver this course onsite for up to 15 candidates is only £595, plus £25 per person. Average cost per person is only £65 on a course with 15 candidates.


Open course


Enrol onto an open course and meet other candidates working in different industry sectors. See details below.




16 Sept 2019





Milton Keynes










Prices do not include VAT. Every candidate will also recieve a comprehensive textbook on productivity and time management. Lunch is not include on the open course.




We can deliver the Time Management for Individuals and the Team anywhere in the UK, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Buckinghamshire (Milton Keynes), Bedfordshire (Luton)Oxfordshire (Swindon and Oxford), Northamptonshire, Herfordshire (Watford and St Albans), Surrey (Staines),Cambridgeshire and Kent

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